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Opening Party and You Are All Invited

To celebrate our opening Trouve At Terrigal will be having a party. Its our way of saying “thanks”to all our wonderful customers who have supported us so far. Also celebrating with us are our friends from “The Sweetest Things”cupcake shop offering some yummy treats. Offering exciting opening specials,wine,nibblies,and a very lucky door prize!

Join us in our courtyard at Shop 2 + 3 Pine Tree Lane,Crowne Plaza Terrigal on the 17th March at 5 –8pm. See you all there.

Introducing Trouve

Thank you for visiting my blog. I would like to start by telling you all about what Trouve is and how it all began.

In the last few years you could say I have had some life adjustments. I am sure a lot of you can relate. After raising my wonderful children,life took an unexpected turn. My husband and I decided it was time to separate,and I began a journey of self discovery. Sometimes along the way you can find yourself lost in the routine of it all,and forget who it was that you once were. During my time of soul-searching I came to know some things. I remembered that as a young girl I had a passion for design. My father was a handbag designer and I used to love watching him work. From a very young age I would find myself browsing the local wallpaper and fabric shop in my spare time. I fueled my passion over the last 19 years by working as an interior decorator advising clients on furniture,fabrics,and home decorating. This has all been leading me to a point where I realised what my focus should be.

So after much thought,I decided that it was time to start believing in my dream and open my shop!

My vision for the shop came together in two parts. First was I watched a wonderful movie called “somethings gotta give.”I fell in love with the interior of the house in that movie instantly. I loved the “Hampton’s”style of it all. This style was one I was passionate about replicating for others. I then came across the word “Trouve.”Which is French for “Found.”This word resonated within me and seemed perfect for my shop. Home is where you should find beautiful treasures.

So Trouve was born. We opened our doors on the 18th December 2010 in sunny Terrigal and have been going very well indeed! We have a great range of customers with one thing in common. They all care deeply about making their home a beautiful place to be.

I am excited about being able to chat regularly with you all through this blog. I have so much to share about interior styling and would dearly love to hear from you!