Sneak Peak:Inside the Home of Sue,Interior Decorator &Owner of Trouve at Terrigal

Sue our resident Interior Decorator and owner of Trouve at Terrigal opened the doors to her beautiful home on the Central Coast to take us through her favourite room,the sitting room.

Drawing inspiration from the lush green grounds and small stream that runs through the property Sue when decorating her room chose a white and warm blue theme to complement her surroundings.

When designing any space you start with a key feature to build around and for Sue it was her Ottoman. Sue takes advantage of the Ottoman with a rustic basket tray placed on top to use it as a coffee table and gives it colour with a throw from French &Country.

For friends and family with young children Sue invested in a small cane chair from Villa Mason which means she has somewhere practical for children to sit and play while maintaining the style of her home.

Another favourite piece of Sue’s is her custom made white chair with feather cushions which offset the warm blue tones throughout the room.

We hop you have learned a few designing tricks and enjoyed the sneak peak into the gorgeous home of Sue!

Trouve xx

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