We Love Dante Neste Soaps!

Don’t we all love luxurious things? I am finding as I get older that I am really treasuring my small luxuries –like a beautiful candle,or a luxury soap. I have fallen in love with these soaps from Dante Neste. I look forward to having my shower,it just smells so lovely every time. Not only that but my skin feels amazing after using these soaps. We have just gotten a whole new batch in and I can tell you that they are flying out the door! With scents like mandarin,citron,bergamot,peach,and the divine thermal springs addition! Whats not to love?

The soaps are made in Florence,Italy. This location is home to Europe’s oldest soap makers. Nesti Dante is one of only a few companies left in the world still producing bath and body products by the artisan cauldron method or ‘Saponeria’. This labour-intensive process takes place over five days and is renowned for producing an incredibly rich,highly fragrant and long-lasting soap. Each Nesti Dante soap is then individually wrapped in exquisite Florentine paper adorned with intricate watercolour prints inspired by traditional designs of the Renaissance. This long and artisan process is indicative of the Nesti Dante company philosophy ‘To be the best,not the biggest’. The Nesti Dante bath &body collection consists of individually wrapped soaps,natural liquid soaps and beautiful gift sets.

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